20 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Work

by MyFitnessPal
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20 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Work

Bananas, single-serve yogurt cups, and those handy 100-calorie packs are always great for on-the-go snacking. But what happens when you’re craving something different, or simply feeling a little bored of the usual options? We asked MyFitnessPal users on Facebook and Twitter, “What are your favorite healthy snacks to bring to work?” With more than 500 responses, it was tough to keep the list manageable, but we did our best. Here are 20 healthy snacks you’re going to want to take to work this week!

1. “Sliced apple with cashew butter and a dash of ground cinnamon—sooo nice!” —Catherine J.

2. “Carrots and hummus is my new favorite thing!” —Emily C. H.

3. “String cheese and almonds.” —Chandra G.

4. “Hard boiled egg.” —Lynn S.

5. “Veggies and hummus.” —Leilani W.

6. “Frozen grapes!” —Britney H.

7. “Nuts! But they have to be in a single serve package otherwise I don’t stop!” —Tanja R.

8. “A self-made bag with nuts and dried fruit.” —@Biancalandis

9. “Fresh strawberries and blueberries!” —Erika L.

10. “Natural peanut butter and celery sticks.” —Jodi M.

11. “Sugar snap peas and baby carrots.” —Xenia F.

12. “I like Kind bars.” —@shell7609

13. “Pistachios!” —Rachel S.

14. “Freshly popped organic popcorn!” —Tiffany L.

15. “Hummus and pretzel rods.” —Lana B.

16. “Oranges rock!” —Kimbrough K.

17. “Fruit, cheese, cut up chicken breast cubes, veggies with Greek yogurt dip.” —@FarmerGirll

18. “Fruit, protein shakes, and ‪NatureBox snacks!” —@JenniferLSpies

19. “In the summer, cucumber—it’s good brain food!! In the winter, an apple keeps me going. —Lisa B.

20. “Celery and Laughing Cow cheese.” —Carrie C. K.

Did we miss one? What’s your favorite pack-for-work snack? Let us know in the comments!

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