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HealthBox: Your Connected Fitness System

What’s UA HealthBox? UA HealthBox™ is the world’s first Connected Fitness system created specifically to measure, monitor, and manage the factors that determine how you feel. Those factors are sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. When you track all four of these you achieve a more holistic view of your health and you’re more prepared than…


FIT IN: San Francisco

Every city has a heartbeat, but what keeps it pumping? FIT IN takes a health-conscious approach to exploring the city by the bay, revealing the top spots for sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. SLEEP & RECOVERY: Best Tune Out & Drop In Spot: Reboot Float Spa Enter a sensory deprivation pod at Reboot, filled with glowing epsom-salt…


Be Seen: Cold Weather Reflective Gear

Winter is usually referred to as the off-season. A period of the year marked by fewer daylight hours, plunging temperatures, and declining motivation to train, runners often hang up their kicks and head inside for hibernation. It was with these things in mind that Under Armour developed a comprehensive package of reflective apparel and footwear…


HealthBox Fast Physical

Sleep, fitness, activity & nutrition all affect how you feel. In less than 60 seconds you can get a snapshot of your health with UA Fast Physical and see how you stack up against the world. Get relevant insights from IBM Watson and share your results with friends.


How to Get Better Interval Training Results

If you are serious about fitness, your training reflects it. Every week, you lift heavier weights, run faster and farther, stretch longer, and more; you basically do whatever it takes to exceed your goals. Whether you want to obtain a competitive edge or just get in great physical condition, it’s also important to include active…

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4 Habits of Healthy People

Learning about the common habits of healthy people can be a particularly motivational experience, even for people who are already living an active lifestyle. Sometimes these extra reminders can be just the boost that we need to get back on track or even encourage us to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle. It’s…


How To Set Exercise Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Sometimes even the most active and healthy people can occasionally have slip ups or struggle through periods where they lose sight of their exercise motivation. Whether it’s due to an injury, life becomes too busy, or a variety of other reasons, losing your drive can be extremely frustrating. To get back on track you should…


Ask the Dietitian: Should I Eat Back My Exercise Calories?

Congrats! You’ve gone to the gym, put in some time on the treadmill and now have a few hundred extra calories in the bank. But what do you do with those extra exercise calories? Should you run to the kitchen and gobble them up, save them for a special weekend treat or ignore them altogether?…


The Athlete’s Guide to Improving Body Composition

Most of us know that being at a healthy weight contributes to improved athletic performance, but we often overlook the importance of body composition. In conjunction with body weight, it can have a major influence on your athletic potential. Body composition is all about your muscle to fat ratio. Optimal body composition contributes to that…


5 Ways to Make Your Running Resolution Stick

Now that the New Year’s ball has dropped, we wanted to dig into the topic that’s likely on everyone’s mind: resolutions! Check out our tips below for setting the running resolution that’s right for you: 1. BE REALISTIC If you don’t run at all now, chances are you won’t be running a marathon come March.…