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How to Wash Your Workout Gear

    Remember the iconic scenes from the “Rocky” movies when Sylvester Stallone runs up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, pumping his fists in triumph as he reaches the top? Now, do you remember what he was wearing? Allow me to jog your memory: a full cotton sweat suit. While Rocky remains…


The Best Way to Aid Injury Recovery

    You just spent twelve weeks doing physical therapy (PT) for your injury and your doctor finally gave you permission to return to your regular training schedule. Yes! While it may feel great to get back to your fitness routine, it’s essential to stick with your physical-therapy exercises. “Patients who ignore their discharge orders…


Should You Stretch Before Working Out?

    When you were young, you were probably told to stretch before your workout. No matter what the activity was, it was crucial to stretch during a pre-sport warm-up and afterward to cool down. After all, stretching can help prevent injuries, right? Actually, research has shown that stretching before a workout can negatively impact…


5 Hydration Myths Debunked

    There are many myths about dehydration and how to avoid it. Here’s some information to set the record straight. Myth 1: Drink liquids immediately before exertion. “The biggest hydration myth is to hydrate yourself by drinking liquids and electrolytes prior to exertion,” states Jay Jordan, an over-40, mind-body-performance coach in the health fitness…


3 Ways for Cyclists to Ease Back Pain

    For many, cycling offers the perfect solution for people looking for a great cardiovascular workout without a whole lot of pounding and wear and tear on joints. Although cyclists don’t have to contend with the high-impact beating that runners do, a large number of cyclists experience lower-back pain. Research out of Norway chronicling…


What Kind of Workout Is Right for You?

    If you’re unsure what type of workout can deliver not only the results you’re looking for, but also the incentive to do it enough to even see results, take heart. Everyone struggles with this at some point—even the fittest people at the gym. The key is finding something you actually enjoy doing so…


We Tried It: Withings Pulse O2

    The Withings Pulse O2 is different than many of the other trackers on the market.  In addition to tracking the usual steps, elevation, miles, calories burned, and sleep, it also displays your blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate or beats per minute and your blood pressure. Fitness trackers intrigue me. I’ve tried many…


The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

    We’ve all had those weeks where we’ve jammed in long hours on the bike, or hit the trails running, or worked hard in the weight room, and felt fantastic. You’re flying high, improving your numbers—wattage or splits or weights—and you’re feeling better than ever before. But then, after that big week is over,…


15 Best Races to Run a PR

    In many circumstances, terrain and weather can contribute as much to the outcome of a race as your training can. This is why it’s important to be purposeful in selecting a race if you’re vying for a PR. Depending on the distance you’re gunning for, we’ve rounded up some of the fastest races…