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The Best Athletes in the World Show Us How to Rule Yourself

Doing all the right things for your health takes 24/7 dedication. It’s fighting off the mid-day cravings, taking the stairs and always being ready for your morning workout.  Under Armour calls out these moments in the next evolution of our Rule Yourself campaign. The campaign highlights the sacrifices these athletes make – and the elation they feel –…


The Revolutionary Smart Shoe That Makes You A Better Runner

While you were dreaming of the day when fitness trackers and shoes became one, Under Armour went and did it. Introducing the UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped, the first connected shoe designed specifically to make you a better runner. It’s the latest technology for tracking your run, married to the best technology in comfort,…


5 Benefits of Breathing Correctly

Breathing isn’t something most of us often think about — until it becomes difficult. After a strenuous run, we’re out of breath and struggle to intake enough oxygen to propel us for the next mile. When we’re experiencing great stress, we feel our breathing become thin or labored. We focus on other aspects of our…


Is Stevia Safe?

Pick up any health magazine, and you’ll likely see an article about sugar in one form or another. From glucose and evaporated cane juice to pure maple syrup and honey, good ol’ added sugar goes by lots of fancy names these days! One of the newer players in the sugar game is stevia, a zero-calorie…


Giveaway: UA + Philosophy Breathe Pack

Under Armour and Philosophy have teamed up to deliver a breath of fresh air that’ll give you the confidence to not just live your day, but absolutely own it. With the help of soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Kelley O’Hara, we’re here to remind you that breathing changes everything. #dontforgettobreathe  


12 Quirky Ways to Get More Sleep

You took a warm bath, read a book and did all of the things that are supposed to help you sleep, but nothing seemed to work. As an athlete, you know how important it is to get enough rest to help your body recover and function at its best. What should you do? Well, we…


4 Ways to Become a Better Runner

Reaching your full potential as a runner is all about trial and error. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, and it often takes years to figure out the right formula. One thing is for sure: What works for your running buddy likely won’t work for you. Upping your running game is all about…

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Short on Time? Squeeze in a Run with These 6 Tips

Time constraints are one of the biggest barriers to exercise. Sure, it’s easy to think of working out as a “luxury” when your boss is breathing down your neck, the kids need to be shuttled to their activities and the house is a mess. But when you consider what’s at stake — your physical and…

The Most Beautiful Runs in the World

There’s just something about having the sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs when you’re out running. Perhaps one of the best reasons to become a runner in the first place is having the excuse to get outside more often. In fact, new research backs up what most runners already know: Spending…

A Run with a View

It’s no secret that most Angelinos are conflicted about our city — often in the same breath, we come off as both proud and ashamed of it (“_____ isn’t that bad”). It’s true, L.A. lacks the majesty of San Francisco, the familial comfort of Boston and the frenetic energy of New York. But as with…


8 Problems with Your Workout Gear — and How to Avoid Them

We all have those few pieces of workout gear we reach for again and again. The sweat-wicking top that makes us feel like we haven’t just sweat buckets in spin class or those form-flattering leggings that stay put and look great, even beyond the gym. Most gear, however, can pose a plethora of problems, from…


How Training Groups Help You Realize Your Running Potential

As runners, we often train in solitude. Running alone poses constant physical and mental challenges that we must learn to control and embrace. We also must defeat the anxiety, doubt and fear that can sneak into our heads. And the biggest competitor for each of us — against whom we compare race times, workout performances…