The Routine of a Champion: How Jordan Spieth Trains

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The Routine of a Champion: How Jordan Spieth Trains

Jordan Spieth is a Champion. We talk about his age. We talk about his putter. We talk about his Majors.

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There’s some serious preparation happening off the greens – and it’s time we talk about that. What you don’t hear about is an always-on training routine that must adjust for constant travel, ever-changing tee times and zero off-season. His routine is engineered to peak around the Majors … and with The Open next week, it’s time to talk.

To get some insight, we went to the source: Jordan’s trainer, Damon Goddard at AMPD Golf Fitness. This is what we learned:


This might be Jordan’s secret weapon. Regardless of tee-time or time zone, he relentlessly gets 8 hours of sleep per night. “Sleep is the best recovery agent out there,” says Damon.

Here’s what he asks of Jordan:

  • 8 hours every night
  • Keep it the same in tournaments to maintain circadian rhythm
  • 2-2.5 hours of deep sleep, monitored by UA HealthBox


Golf is incredibly mental – and the team focuses on fun and fluidity. Or as Damon puts it, “Freedom of motion is freedom of mind.”

His recommendation for Jordan:

  • Blast fun music on the range and mood and rhythm will lift
  • Workout in the environment (meditate on a beach, hike to a landmark, jump in the ocean) and take the time to reflect on the legendary locales they’re fortunate to experience
  • Keep the body fluid and flowing and then the mind will be free to visualize shots


No off-season for golfers means constant training, with mild tapering around the Majors. A hearty warm-up is mandatory and crucial. Jordan needs to be ready to go. “When he gets to the range, he doesn’t need to bang a lot of balls to warm up,” says Damon. “Everything should already be engaged.”

What he prepares for Jordan:

  • Circuit-type training that tricks Jordan into doing cardio (or as Damon calls it: “disguised cardio”)
  • Programs designed to peak for Majors, including tapering during those weeks
  • Minimum 30-minute warm-up, with a focus on engaging muscles Jordan’s about to use


Travel presents difficulties. The team must get creative and hone in on the exact movements that Jordan is going to perform. “Give me a Coke can and a curb and I’ll give you a good exercise program,” says Damon.

Step with Jordan leading up to The Open. Download MapMyFitness on the App Store or Google Play and join the challenge.

Here’s his approach for Jordan:

  • Innovate with bodyweight and band exercises, mostly to be ready to workout in any environment
  • Train movement, not muscles
  • Work in two pillars: Linear (front-to-back) and lateral (side-to-side and rotation)


The travel, the temperature and the tee times make proper fueling at the proper time imperative for Jordan. His team thinks about everything from what he drinks when he wakes up to what’s in his bag on a 95-degree day.

Hydration is paramount. Damon recommends he drinks 140-150 ounces of fluid per day, including an electrolyte replenisher he designed specifically for Jordan. “On extra warm days, we’ll freeze a few of those and make sure they’re in his bag,” explains Damon.

Here’s how he makes it:

  • Drink 4 oz. of purified water from Dasani® bottle
  • Replace with orange juice
  • Add a pinch of sea salt
  • Freeze the Dasani® water / orange juice mix

One more nutrition tip Damon recommends for Jordan:

Eat often and eat a lot – and focus on whole, real foods.

Jordan’s go-to granola, supplied by Julie’s Real in Dallas, Texas, includes the following:

  • Granola
  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Organic honey
  • Unsweetened coconut
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Ground vanilla beans
  • Cinnamon
  • Little bit of sea salt

“That’s in his bag right now,” says Damon.

For dinner, Damon recommends Jordan eat a nutrient-dense meal such as:

  • Lamb
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potato

We may never win Majors like Jordan – but we can definitely take cues from his training and diet.

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