Why You Should Track Steps

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Why You Should Track Steps


It’s not just about workouts.

A growing body of research indicates that what you do (or don’t do) between workouts is just as critical. Even if you’re crushing high-intensity workouts every day, if you aren’t active the rest of the time your health could suffer. We’ve incorporated Activity into your dashboard to help you track your steps throughout the day.

Get smart about your goal.

While 10,000 steps is a commonly-recommended goal for a healthy lifestyle, your personal step goal should incorporate the frequency and characteristics of your daily workouts:

  • If you do foot-to-ground workouts like running, basketball or tennis, you should aim for around 11,000 total steps (activity and workouts combined). That means around 7,000 non-workout steps.
  • If you do other workouts like cycling, swimming, or yoga that won’t register steps, aim for 7,000 non-workout steps.
  • If it’s a rest day, aim for 10,000 steps.


Remember to keep moving.

Hitting your step goal every day might mean creating new habits like frequently getting up from your desk for a drink of water, walking the dog in the evening, or taking the stairs. Or it might mean reducing the amount of time spent on activities that keep you sitting, like watching TV. Being active throughout the day will not replace workouts, but it’s a key factor in maintaining your overall health.


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